For The Love Of Chocolate- A Conclusion, Mayhaps? [Inspired By Willy Wonka, Pt. 3!]

Hello, hello, hello! What is up with you guys?

Anyways [No Sunny, I will NOT say anyway], welcome to the last installation of our chocolate series- maybe. Finding scientific facts about chocolate is getting more and more difficult, and I practically s c r a p e d the bottom of the internet for today’s three facts. If I can do a little more sniffing around, a fourth post will be possible. We’ll see!

Without further ado, let us head into today’s post!

PS: View the post on my site, please? There’s a glitch for some reason… none of the GIFs are loading /:

*cries* That looks excellenTata Motors [Sep I’m looking at you hehe]

#1- The Wonders Of Chocolate Milk:

EVERYONE likes chocolate milk. [If you don’t, we can’t be friends. Begone, uncultured swine!] But did you know that besides effectively putting toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, and wrinkly old people [I would like to point out that this is not scientifically proven] in a fantastic mood, it’s also great as a post workout recovery drink?

I’m genuinely so happy that this is true. I’m not an athlete, but I gotta say- Gatorade is kinda nasty. Instead, why not drink chocolate milk? Chocolate milk contains high amounts of carbohydrates, which is fantastic for replenishing exhausted body muscles. Milk is pretty high in water, so there’s that added benefit- furthermore, it fits the required protein threshold, which is 15-25g! Of course, it only does that if you drink between 450-700 ml of chocolate milk. Additionally, chocolate milk supplements the body with calcium as well as Vitamin D, which can positively impact performance!

It’s so effective that one study shows that cyclists could cycle a whopping 51% more in their second workout if they drank chocolate milk rather than any other sports drink… INSANE!!

*immediately rushes to the kitchen to make a big fat glass of chocolate milk* [Also guys go look at this link there’s a literal company that sells chocolate milk as a post workout recovery drink aaaAAAH-]

No worries mate I’m just as confused as you are

#2- Chocolate Doesn’t Make You Fat:


*is resurrected*


Yeah… a study from the University of Granada completely destroyed the notion that consuming chocolate will increase levels of body fat!

In fact, chocolate seems to have an adverse effect- body fat levels are reduced as levels of chocolate consumption increase! This trend stayed true even as age, sex, diet and amounts of physical activity varied. Isn’t that absolutely mind blowing?!

Researchers pin this down on catechins, which are a type of flavonoid. I talked a bit about flavonoids in general in my last post– but right now, I’ll tell you about catechin in particular. This miraculous flavonoid has positive impacts on the amount of cortisol produced as well as insulin sensitivity. Both increased cortisol [a hormone] production and decreased insulin sensitivity are commonly associated with weight gain, obesity and higher body fat levels- catechin may not heal this entirely, but it definitely aids in slight correction!


#3- Oh No My Memory Sucks So Bad BUT IT’S FINE I LIKE CHOCOLATE:

For those of us confused regarding what on God’s gracious Earth I was attempting to communicate with the chaotic sentence above, I meant this:

Chocolate improves your memory!

The answer to why this happens is once again, flavonols. I’m sure you guys are sick of hearing this name e v e r y w h e r e, but… *shrugs*

It’s been proven that adults have performed better on memory tests after exposure to cocoa flavonols. Well, this is because flavonols benefit vascular function. It does this to such an extent that the body responded better when exposed to an environment that contains higher amounts of carbon dioxide, so much so that better brain oxygenation was observed. BRAIN BLASTED [as my mum would say], amirite?

*proceeds to wipe brain matter from floor and stuff it back into her cranium*

And… that’s it! Nothing more for today’s post. Maybe I’ll post on next Monday if I find enough info. If not, I’ll take a one week break as I typically do between series, and then I’ll return with a new topic to share with y’all!

I hope I find some more stuff- I’d be sad to see our beloved chocolate series go XD XD

Thank you for reading- bye!

stay sticky,

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26 thoughts on “For The Love Of Chocolate- A Conclusion, Mayhaps? [Inspired By Willy Wonka, Pt. 3!]

  1. Why did I feel 10% nostalgic and sad, 80% indifferent, and found it 10% funny when you used ‘excellentata motors?’ I mean, where did the nostalgia and sadness come from?!?!!? I’m so weird………….
    But *anyway* I’ll definitely drink chocolate milk after my next workout!
    (*cough* as if I actually workout *cough*)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. *Rushes to the kitchen to make chocy milk and gulps it down*
    *Proceeds to workout*
    Ahahaha My PE teacher would be proud ZD
    Chocolate doesn’t make you fat?! Whaa…
    *Stuffs a huge piece of chocolate into her mouth*
    Ok Beware of cavities tho-
    I’m definitely gonna eat chocolate before a biology test 😂
    Aww man wish the chocolate series could go on forever :((
    Pweeze try to make a fourth post pweeze? *puppy dog eyes*

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi, Sid!!
      I’m sure your teacher would V E R Y proud (of both me and you *wink wink*)
      YES that was my exact reaction as well XD XD (good to see you using ZD hehe)
      You, dear Sid, are FULL of good ideas. I should have eaten some before my Hindi test too! 😂
      Me too- I swear, I’ll try! (:

      Liked by 1 person

  3. If schools supplied chocolates all day long, they’d see a massive rise in grades instead of giving tons of homework *sigh* I’m not a huge fan of chocolate milk but I like chocolate (so, I’m safe?👀)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m going to tell my friend who wants to become a lawyer to make a law about that XD XD
      *gaSP* You don’t like chocolate milk?!??!! Whoa.
      I’m a tad affronted, but of course- you’ll still receive the numerous health benefits of chocolate (;

      Liked by 1 person

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